Position papers


Position papers are an instrumental part of Model United Nations, and therefore delegates who do not turn in papers will be ineligible for committee awards. Position papers detail a country's policies on the assigned committee topics, and act as a way for delegates to organize ideas for both themselves and the chair of their respective committee. Delegates must turn in two papers for each committee, one for each designated topic. Papers should be submitted no later than one week prior to the conference via an email to the committee chair(s) titled “NDMUN IV POSITION PAPER SUBMISSION: COMMITTEE NAME – COUNTRY.”


General Guidelines 


One page single spaced

  • Covers one topic

  • Header in top left corner

    • Delegate's Name

    • Country Name

    • Committee 

    • Topic

  • Written in the third person ("The Republic of Kenya is currently addressing this issue by...")

  • Section/Paragraph 1: Topic Background

  • Section/Paragraph 2: Past and Present Action and Policy

  • Section/Paragraph 3: Future Action/Solutions 

Tips for Strong Position Paper Writing

  • Break up the issues into sub-issues, and then propose specific solutions to each.

  • Include predictions for the future of the issue you are discussing.

  • If previous attempts were made at solving the topic, explain why they were or were not successful.

  • Look at both your country's international and domestic actions concerning the topic at hand. 

  • Make educated inferences about your country's position based on national values and other regional/political/religious groups it is involved in if it relates to the topic at hand. 

  • Make sure your solutions address all sub-issues presented. 

  • Only use reliable and respected sources.